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You’ve got passion, you’ve got drive and you have a great concept that you think people will love.

But you say to yourself Hang on a minute, there’s got to be more to it than that’.

Well, you are right…and the scary thing is that if you don’t learn the ropes fast, there is a high probability of failure.

Depending on which statistics you look at, it has been said that within the first 5 years, 4 out of 5 new businesses go out of business…..and within 10 years, only 1 in 10 businesses will survive.

If you were a betting person, you probably wouldn’t like those odds. And yet every day, many people lay it all on the line and enter the business world with the hope of fulfilling their dream…a dream of freedom, lifestyle and prosperity.

So what can you do to move the odds more in your favour and improve your chances of success?

There are a wide range of strategies and processes for businesses to address and there are a thousand books around to tell you exactly how to do it. The problem is, where do you start?

To help simplify the process, I have made a list of 10 steps that as a minimum, every business owner must follow.

1. Business Plan. A business plan is critical to achieving consistent growth in any business. The benefits of a business plan are realised immediately through the process of just thinking clearly about your business for an extended period of time, and through illuminating the areas of your business that need fixing.

2. Customer Database. At the end of the day, your customers are the most valuable asset you have in your business. You should be taking every opportunity to collect the names and contact details of your customers and communicating with them on a regular basis.

3. Systems. Systems are essential for ensuring that you provide a consistent level of service to your customers and so that you understand the financial performance of your business. They will also enable the business to run without you being there every minute of the day.

4. Staff Incentives. You’ve probably heard the expression ï’If you pay peanuts you get monkeysï’. That expression directly translates into bad people equal a bad company. To attract great people, progressive companies are keenly aware that they need to foster personal responsibility and provide direct reward for measurable results.

5. Staff meetings. Meetings are an opportunity to inspire your people and thereby your business. They also give your people a sense of belonging through the process of sharing information.

6. Marketing. Marketing is not just about getting more customers, it’s also about retaining the customers you have, generating ongoing sales from existing customers, increasing your profit through value adding, creating a sense of loyalty within your team and creating an image of your business in the minds of the consumer. In fact marketing is the most important of all success strategies in your business, because if you can’t find a buyer for your product or service, nothing else you do will matter!

7. Branding. Branding is about creating and communicating a set of values to the consumer of your product or service. Your aim should be to stamp your logo onto the brains of your customers every time they are in the process of buying your product or service.

8. Business Image. First impressions count for a lot. Addressing your business image is all about paying attention to the little things that will exceed your customers expectations.

9. Guarantee. How does a customer truly believe they are going to receive value from doing business with you? They will only know this if you are prepared to take more risk in the transaction than they are…and this promise is delivered through your guarantee.

10. Customer care. Every business should have a follow up system that extends sincere thanks to every new customer and for their ongoing patronage. When was the last time you received a thank you from someone that you did business with? Probably never…so how do you think your customers will react when they receive a thank you from you?

If you take action in each of these 10 areas, you will not only be 2 steps in front of your competition, but you may very well be within touching distance of living your dream.

So go ahead, don’t wait a moment longer…take action today because it is only massive action that will bring you massive results!

That is what i did recently, although my business is not in order yet, but at least i am in.  All the best for every millionaire dreamer.

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BUILDING INTERNET WEALTH–with the right system

Online Wealth – a Magic Bullet!

As you read this article you will find yourself understanding that it can be your true reality to be actually making an incredible monthly income with your own Online Home Business. As a matter of fact, you will realize it is downright EASY!
What is the Magic Bullet? How is this possible you are asking? Let me tell you from experience that with this Magic Bullet it is completely possible to make in a month what you used to make in a year (If making in a month what you used to make in a year is too much for you to believe, which by the way is absolutely possible, then how about $1,000 or $5,000 or $10,000 a month). THE MAGIC BULLET is simply a matter of Finding the right system. Period! Keep reading.
I know, you are saying right now in disbelief, What? What do you mean the right SYSTEM? You are thinking the answer cannot be that easy. Well, the results are undeniable! Every successful business online or offline simply has a proven SYSTEM to keep the money flowing in daily. Find the right SYSTEM and just about all else does not even matter!
When you find the right system, it is the system that keeps putting money in your bank account day in and day out. With the right system, what you are selling is secondary. Do not get me wrong, working with a great company and having a great product are extremely important. Yet, when you have the right system, you can use your proven system with any company or product.
This is the real beauty of having the right system! It means that if the company or product you are working with should for any reason not be profitable anymore or not be around, you simply take your proven system and plug into a new company or product. Then bam! You are successful again quickly with another company or product just by using that same proven system you already used to make yourself an incredible monthly income.
The proof? You see it for yourself every time you search the internet for a way to make money online. You see the websites that boast of HUGE monthly incomes. These testimonies are true! Ordinary people are creating incredible incomes everyday in their own Online Home Business. They are truly making in a month what they used to make in a year. Because they have the right SYSTEM! Here is the best part, it is not even a SYSTEM they created! They simply followed a SYSTEM someone else created and just plugged right into it!
Just imagine the feeling of certainty that you will have knowing that no matter what happens to your company or product you now have a proven SYSTEM, experience and knowledge to bring you wealth anytime.
Simply find the right SYSTEM and you will find your key to true wealth.
That is the real MAGIC BULLET!
Howard Kotliar is an industry leader in Home Based Business. He specializes in helping ordinary people achieve Extraordinary Incomes and live the life of their dreams in their own successful Home Based business. You can visit his website at


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HI,everybody! Do you have a dream of becoming a millionaire? I certainly do. And I want it happening very fast and very easy.

So, if you do as well, first of all, let us get into MILLIONAIRE’s mind.

Entrepreneur Mindset – The First Step to Success

What Creates Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs do not emerge by themselves; they are created through a strong urge to achieve success. Success rarely happens by chance and it will not last long if it does happen in this manners.

To be successful as an entrepreneur is not by chance, it will not happen this way. However, success can almost be guaranteed if you have the correct entrepreneurial mindset in place, this is the first step every entrepreneur must have.

Investing in yourself

After having the correct entrepreneur mindset, you are set to achieve great success? Unfortunately, life is not that simple. It takes more to achieve success.

A lot people are willing to invest time and effort into their current jobs, hoping that their boss will appreciate it and get promoted. However, that is not the key to become an entrepreneur. People fail to realize that they need to invest in themselves, their greatest asset of all.

Start to invest in yourself doing research and acquire the proper knowledge. If you need to invest some money, go do it. A successful entrepreneur made decision fast base on calculated risk and are dare to take risk trying different things to become successful.

Accept Failure

Unfortunately, life is not as smooth as one would like to be. In the process of building a business, you are bound to face a lot a failure along the way. You must treat every failure as a lesson and you must learn from every failure you face.

You must have the desire to succeed, persistence and an unwillingness to quit. The more you fail at the start, the more you will achieve success at a later stage as you become smarter.

Benefits of being an Entrepreneur

Why people want to be an entrepreneur?

There are a lot of benefits associated if you are a successful entrepreneur. It will change your lifestyle completely.

– People will look at you as a leader to follow – You will achieve financial independent – You will have a sense of great satisfaction – You will have flexibility in your time with your family

There are a lot more benefits that you can imagine….

Action speak louder than words

Today, I would like to share with you my personal MOTO that keeps driving me towards success and I hope it will benefit you as well.

“Success starts from a dream and it take actions to realize it…..”

Just by having a big dream is only the first step to success, nothing will happen if you just sit on it doing nothing. You need to have strategies and plans moving towards your big dream. In having a clear picture of where you are heading, you need to draft out a plan on your drawing board and take one step at a time. Be patient and do the right things, result will certainly comes at a later stage if not sooner.

So take your actions NOW, I mean “Today”

Simon Tan writes on marketing and business related articles. You can find out more about his successful systems at

I found Simon’s article very encouraged, what do YOU think about it? WELCOME TO LEAVE YOUR OPINION HERE.

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